We Accept Only the Top Talent

Our aim is to collaborate with the finest professionals worldwide. Through our meticulous selection process, we pinpoint individuals who possess exceptional expertise and unwavering enthusiasm in their respective fields. Out of the numerous applications we receive monthly, we typically accept only the top talent in any given field.

Devs.com Admission Process

To be considered for admission to Devs.com’s talent pool, every candidate must successfully complete a screening process that assesses their proficiency in their area of expertise, as well as their professionalism and communication skills. The comprehensive screening process typically takes between 1 to 4 weeks to finalize.


Communications and Character

Our screening process begins with a thorough evaluation of the candidate's English language and communication skills. Additionally, we evaluate their personality traits and seek individuals who exhibit passion and wholehearted commitment to their work.

This step determines:

  • Attitude and Character
  • Communications


Thorough Skills Assessment

Through a series of assessments, we evaluate each applicant's technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities. We only advance candidates who demonstrate exceptional performance in these evaluations, ensuring that every member of the Devs.com network is a true expert in their field.

This step determines:

  • Core skills
  • Technical Knowledge


Live Interview

Our screening process involves subject matter experts from Devs.com conducting live interviews with each candidate. During the interview, the screeners evaluate the candidate's problem-solving ability, level of experience, communication skills, and creativity through a series of targeted exercises.

This step determines:

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Previous Experience


Devs.com Network

At this point, the candidate is accepted. At Devs.com, our members have a proven track record of delivering excellent results while working with clients. As a company that prioritizes quality, we focus on bringing together the best talent and the best clients, ensuring that this principle is evident in every engagement and every project we deliver.


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We Connect the Top Talents Around the World to You

Only the best of the best are accepted into our network to ensure the quality and consistency that our customers expect from our talent pool.

When you are prepared to employ exceptional talent, please do not hesitate to communicate your specifications to us, and we will promptly connect you with an accomplished expert who can fulfill your needs.